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Birch Community x Red Deer Collaboration 

A multi-collaborative project led by Red Deer Architects - creating 120 sculptural objects for a valet stand designed by Jan Hendzel Studio. 

Last year we were approached by Red Deer Architects and asked to take part in a renovation of a hotel in Hertfordshire. Working closely with Architect Pauline Dellemott from Red Deer and Jan Hendzel we fabricated a series of sphere and capsule forms from our PU foam dust and resin composite. The idea to use locally sourced materials and local artisans saw us fit for the task and began our creative journey. Each piece is unique due to the hand-dyed resin and layering process. This was the first time we had freedom with colour and provided an exciting opportunity for playfulness and experimentation with the combinations. All 120 pieces were hand-made in our South London Studio.

Architects | Red Deer 

Head of Design | Jan Hendzel Studio 

Ceramics | Emma Louise Payne 

Metal | Lucie Naujalis

Photography | Fergus Coyle

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