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RAW EDGE Mirror Limited Series of 16

Details: 38cm diameter / 4mm mirror thickness / 2.5kg / signature waste pu-foam composite / free standing or wall hanging


How to: 

  • Follow buy now link to secure mirror through email.  

  • Provide shipping details in the email. You will then be sent a link to pay.

  • Payment must be received within 2 hours, failing it will be released back for re-sale.

  • Shipped within 2 weeks through DPD / UPS. 

London £15 eco bike delivery 

UK £30 / EU £40 / USA/AUS £60 

*Import taxes and duties are not included and are the responsibility of the importer* 

Sage Green 01.3.jpg
Sage Green 01.2.jpg
Sage Green 01.1.jpg


Sage Green 02.3.jpg
Sage Green 02.2.jpg
Sage Green 02.1.jpg


Mint Green 02.3.jpg
Mint Green 02.2.jpg
Mint Green 02.1.jpg
Mint Green 01.3.jpg
Mint Green 01.2.jpg
Mint Green 01.1.jpg
Garden Green 02.3.jpg
Garden Green 02.2.jpg
Garden Green 02.1.jpg


Garden Green 01.3.jpg
Garden Green 01.2.jpg
Garden Green 01.1.jpg


Teal 01.3.jpg
Teal 01.2.jpg
Teal 01.1.jpg


Teal 02.3.jpg
Teal 02.2.jpg
Teal 02.1.jpg
Teal 03.3.jpg
Teal 03.2.jpg
Teal 03.1.jpg
Mushroom 01.3.jpg
Mushroom 01.2.jpg
Mushroom 01.1.jpg
Mushroom 02.3.jpg
Mushroom 02.2.jpg
Mushroom 02.1.jpg


Mushroom 03.3.jpg
Mushroom 03.2.jpg
Mushroom 03.1.jpg


Off-white and green 01.3.jpg
Off-white and green 01.2.jpg
Off-white and green 01.1.jpg


Mustard 01.3.jpg
Mustard 01.2.jpg
Mustard 01.1.jpg


Mustard 02.3.jpg
Mustard 02.2.jpg
Mustard 02.1.jpg
Coral 01.3.jpg
Coral 01.2.jpg
Coral 01.1.jpg